Common Mistakes When Starting a New Aquarium

Common Mistakes When Starting a New Aquarium

Common Mistakes When Starting a New Aquarium

Are you thinking of getting fish and want to set up a freshwater aquarium? Then, you need to avoid some pitfalls to have a nice and healthy environment for your tiny pets. Fish are very sensitive and delicate. They need a stable environment for longevity and this can be accomplished by carefully making a plan of setting up an aquarium. The best choice always is to first thoroughly research on the types of fish you want to have and what kind of food they will need. After that, you can visit the aquarium shop and look for the best suitable equipment for the freshwater aquarium. Mentioned below are some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid during your set up of the aquarium:

  1. Wrong Choice of Aquariums

An aquarium is one of the essential components for the survival of fishes as it provides a natural ecosystem for them. Many beginner hobbyists often neglect this factor and choose a very small aquarium so that they can maintain it easily. It can cause serious problems for them because the lesser the volume of water that an aquarium can accommodate, the more chances are there for the errors to occur. Always select a bigger tank so that there is more volume of water so that when the key parameters change, they do not have a major impact on the animals in the aquarium.

  1. Early Addition of Fishes

Sometimes people are so eager to add fish to the tank as soon as they set up the aquarium due to which there is a chance of losing fishes. This happens because the pH of the water in the tank is not stabilized on the first day of setting. It requires a day or to so that the water can get balanced along with the addition of the substrate and minerals, chemicals and the gases that are dissolved. First, make sure that the aquarium water has been neutralized and then add the fishes to their new home.

  1. Addition of Excess Number of Fishes

Another common mistake that people make is that they don’t consider the appropriate number of fish to be added in the tank as a result of which some of the fishes normally don’t survive. Unless or until the aquarium has not established bacterial colonies, it cannot support the survival of a full load. Always start with small hardy fishes initially and then after the ammonia and nitrogen levels fall to zero, you can add more.

  1. Overfeeding

This is one of the most common mistake that fish owners usually do. Fish are opportunistic and seek food all the time but overfeeding them will lead to consequences. The feeding also changes as the levels of gases change in the aquarium so get yourself informed by the concerned personnel before setting up your aquarium.

  1. Inadequate Filtration

Always make sure to check the filters in the aquarium. An ideal filter should filter the water three times per day and if it is not then you need to change it immediately as under or over filtration both can have disastrous impacts on your fish. Apart from filtration, new fish owners also do not know about the chemistry and nitrogen cycle involved in the water. Water needs to be changed on a regular basis in the tank to avoid stressing the fish.

The Bottom Line

By avoiding these simple mistakes, you can have your pets live happily and without any stress. Remember that water is the essential habitat for freshwater fish and it needs to be checked, filtered and changed regularly to avoid any stress on the fish.


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