What’s the Process of Adopting a Pet?

What’s the Process of Adopting a Pet?

What’s the Process of Adopting a Pet?

If you are an animal lover and really want to have an adorable pet in your home, then this informative article is for you! There are many ways through which you can adopt a pet but you need to be careful and get yourself ready for the overall adoption process. It is always better to take some time out and ask yourself what kind and nature of pet you basically want and then search the internet and gather some information about the animal. After you make the final choice that this is what you really want, then the next procedure is to look for the online adoption websites for pets that will help you out in finding the perfect pet.

Adopting a Pet

Mainly, there are two organizations; rescue and shelter that will help you to adopt a pet animal. They have their websites on the internet where you can search them up and make contacts. Both the organizations have different dealing procedures and have different types of animals available. It’s up to you whether you want to give a home to an animal from either the rescue or shelter place.

Adoption from a Shelter

Shelters consist of public shelters that enclose all the city and country shelter houses as well as the police, health and dog wardens. They are also commonly referred to as pounds. These shelters have a full time working staff that looks after the animals and have a physical facility. Not all the shelters have animals for adoption but sometimes they advertise if a certain animal is available for adoption. In such scenario, it is best to personally visit and meet the administration to get the required information. In case you like the animal (e.g. cat or dog) and want to proceed with the procedure, you submit your photo ID and details and then pay the adoption fees ($25-$125) after which they will give you the complete record of the animal such as its vaccination summary and sterilization certificate that will allow you to get it licensed and then finally you can take your pet home!

Adoption from a Rescue               

Rescue facilities have animals kept in private boarding houses and are taken care by volunteers. When you search online and come to know about your preferred animal for adoption available at a rescue, you first need to read the instructions carefully and then act accordingly. Sometimes, you may have to email them first and fill out an online form then they invite you for further procedures if they consider you a good match. Then you have to visit them either at their office or at a local adoption event set by them where they will show you the animal. If you show a willingness to adopt then a volunteer will visit your home and make sure that the animal will have the perfect living environment. Once you get cleared, they will give you the animal’s vaccination and sterilization record so that you can get a license and after paying the adoption fees (ranges from $100-$300), you become the owner of your pet dog or pet cat.

The Bottom Line

Adopting from both the shelter and rescue are reliable ways. Shelters give you the liberty to choose from a variety of animals and the adoption fee is also less but there is no vet connection. You’ll have to look for additional care after the adoption while the adoption fee at the rescue is higher but they include vet fee and make sure through their screening process that the pet is right for your house. Adopting a pet is a very noble cause so if you can afford then do the honors.



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